Acuitus 5015 Service Manual \/\/TOP\\\\

Acuitus 5015 Service Manual \/\/TOP\\\\

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Acuitus 5015 Service Manual

Photocopy :: View Service Manual and parts Manuals – Print, view, search, compare, download.

ZEISS™ Acuitus 5015 Photorefractometer

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Librarian Version:

System Requirements:

Problem Description:

Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS


I am trying to install acuitus 5015 on fedora 20 with kernel:
I have tried to install the tool with ‘yum install acuitus’
but when starting the tool I am getting the message:
There was an error processing the acuitus 5150-client.zip archive. Please make sure you have enough disk space available and try again later.

The tool -when executing the command -deviates from an normal use on each step of the installation process.
So far I have tried:
yum update
yum clean all
yum update
yum clean all
(with all kernels)
I thought that the acuitus 5015 tool was running as root user and got permissions issues.

I got an old acuitus 5015 tool and it works fine.
I was trying to downgrade from gcc 9.3 to gcc 7.3
But now I tried the tool with gcc 7.3 and I get the same error.

It is very strange for me.
The problem is with the installation of the tool and not with the execution of the tool as it seems.

There is no problem to run the tool as root.
The only problem to run it as the ‘normal’ user seems to be that the tool is not able to create the plugins in the log.

We would need to do some testing to understand how the proper usage of the tool works.
Thanks for helping out!User Info: skiffra skiffra 3 years ago #1

The trial version is completely free. I just want to make it easier for some people who are pretty new to testing games.

So if you want to check out the M3, or if you want to give us some feedback about the game, just give me a shout at



* Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
* or more contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file
* distributed with this work for additional information
* regarding copyright ownership. The ASF licenses this file
* to you under the Apache License

List of service manuals and repair manuals for Acuitus 5015 ·

AUpon the section of the page that the printer then (if youre lucky) starts printing.

Thats the best answer i have found for actually dealing with the thing, however the printer isnt picking up/theres no option to download any sort of service manual.

i havent had time to get it to print out a service manual for my own so any help or advice would be appreciated.

I also have had my machine for about 4 months and i normally print on about 10 pages every time im at home i am just happy with that. i am not a print fanatic, i just like a full and nice print on everything ive ever needed.

i do have a laserjet 2100 but i dont use that as often as i do this one.

I didnt want to put a ton of points up for this question and answer, but i also wanted to give a heads up for anyone else that needs this kind of info.

HI! I’m a new member to the forum and an ex-moderator here. If this seems like a repeat of a question that has been asked numerous times before, please feel free to pm me or post your request on the Feedback Page.

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Humphrey Acuitus 5015 Autorefractor. You are downloading the Acuitus 5015 Service Manual as a PDF document.To save on printer ink and paper, this document will “print” best if it is.
ZEISS Humphrey Autorefractor 5015 Service Manual > Adjustments and Accessories > Schematic Eye > REFERENCES > INTERPRETING.
41 – 84. Acuitus 5015 Keratometer Service Manual. $99.95. Acuitus 5015 Keratometer Service Manual.
HER Technologies PTY. LTD. (HET) 2 Master Sergeant Cleo T.I HET 2 Advanced Training Manual.. 676 Humprey ZEISS Autorefractor Service Manual.
BVI has been working for over 15 years as a leading manufacturer of top quality digital cameras.

The ACUITUS 5015 is a fully digital autorefractor capable of measuring the.
22.11.2014 / Home / Topcon & Zeiss: The. Latest products from the. Product Overview.
Fully digital autorefractor, color LCD display. Technical data. Read the User Manual, or contact us for support with your order..
Part number: 9250-2517-503.
Fully digital autorefractor, color LCD display. Technical data. Read the User Manual, or contact us for support with your order..
State: IN. (97) ACUITUS 5015.
Part number: 9250-2517-503.
Fully digital autorefractor, color LCD display. Technical data. Read the User Manual, or contact us for support with your order..
State: IN. (97) ACUITUS 5015.
Fully digital autorefractor, color LCD display. Technical data. Read the User Manual, or contact us for support with your order..
State: IN. (97) ACUITUS 5015.
Fully digital autorefractor, color LCD display. Technical data. Read the User Manual, or contact us for support with your order..
P/N: 9250-2517-503.
Documentation from TOPCON USA. P/N: 9250-2517-503.


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