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ImageViewer ActiveX Control Crack + Download [Updated] 2022

– view all images
– Tabs
– ToolBar
– Local Images
– Caching Mode
– International Support
– HotKeys to view/hide ImageViewer from the system tray
– Automatically monitor the images files and updates when they are created, moved or renamed.
– Support for JPG, GIF, BMP and WMF formats.
– Width&Height settings for loading images.
– Multiple images per row in the control.
– Customizable control appearance with icon and text.
– Image quick-view, zoom and click-and-drag operation.
– Borderless and Autoscroll modes for the control.
– Caching mode for the control.
– Enhancements of background images, highlight and smart loading mode.
– Default settings for all modes supported by the control.
– Support of bitmaps and cursor images.
– Colors can be set for the control.
– Support for Windows NT 4.0.
– Customizable toolbars for control.
– High contrast mode for the control.
– Customizable images collection.
– Image in mouse-hover mode with popup/tooltip windows.
– Images can be loaded from files, from the form for quick viewing of the images.
– Images can be uploaded from file extensions and loaded in folders in the collection.
– Customizable settings for images in popup/tooltip windows.
– ImageViewer can work as an independent standalone application as well as inside of a window/form.
– Support for hotkeys to show/hide control from the system tray.
– Support for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Win7.
– Automatically monitor the images files and updates when they are created, moved or renamed.
– Support for Unicode/UTF8.
– Support for Unicode in images and in images collection.
– Support for international images.
– Support for borders/frames/shadow/icons in images.
– Automatic image-zoom-fit and image-scale-fit operations.
– Customizable control appearance with icon and text.
– Can be run without having to have a Internet connection.
– System tray icon in the OS-running systems.
– No installation is required.
– The control works in VFP and Delphi language
– No additional DLL needed
– No additional runtime libs needed to run the control
– Works with all 64-bit OS versions
– Runs on

ImageViewer ActiveX Control For Windows 2022 [New]

Image Viewer is an ActiveX control. It can be used to view images in different file formats, such as: JPEG, GIF, BMP and WMF.
Image Viewer provides advanced features. For example, you can display images in a form with multiple tabs, and you can select any format for images without redisplaying the form. You can also easily rotate image by 90, 180, 270 degrees. You can set the image as the background or use it to show additional information. And in addition, you can create a slideshow and view a sequential set of images as a slideshow. And much more.


If you are trying to display images, you probably want to look into ActiveX Picture Box Controls. They provide some very nice features and are widely used, so you may find that you can easily find a good library.

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ImageViewer ActiveX Control

ImageViewer ActiveX Control

Image Viewer is a useful component for viewing any image. You can use the control to show images from file, table fields, memory stream, text area, or image frame. The control can be used with Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi and others. Image Viewer supports such popular formats as JPG, GIF, BMP and WMF.

The control can be used with the following languages: Visual FoxPro, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi and C#. The component is standalone – no runtime libs are required.

Key Features

– No need to install any additional runtime libs to start using the control.
– Each feature can be configured to be shown or hidden in the property panel.
– The control has several options that give you a great experience when using it.
– The control accepts input events on the control itself and thus is not dependent on the application or tool.
– The control is easy to use: three simple methods (ShowImage, ShowVirtualImage, RenderImage) are sufficient for implementing it. The control is simple to develop and to embed in ActiveX control.




The control provides one method ShowImage which can be used to show images either from files or memory streams. The following example shows how to show an image from memory stream.

ShowImage (System.Stream, ImageIndex);


The control also has a method ShowVirtualImage. This method shows an image as an invisible thumbnail. You can still get information about the original image and navigate through it. It is used to show an image either from files or memory streams. The following example shows how to show an image as an invisible thumbnail.

ShowVirtualImage (System.Stream, ImageIndex, ImageWidth, ImageHeight);


The control can also show images from tables. To show an image from a table field or a table record, you need to use the method RenderImage.

Image Index specifies the number of the image. The index starts with 1.
Image Width is the number of pixels that the control should show in the preview area (virtual image).
Image Height is the height of the image in pixels.

Batch Class

The control implements the built-in feature allowing to insert an image to table immediately after the table row without having to type in the

What’s New In ImageViewer ActiveX Control?

1.Create and open an image file with ImageViewer. If there is an error in opening an image file, the user can click the “Debug…” button to debug the error.
2.Click the Browse button to open a table field that contains a jpeg image file.
3.Click the Select button to select the area of the image, you want to view.
4.Click the Open button to open the image in the Image Viewer.
5.Click the Close button to close the image viewer.


You have the image preview control already, right? That’s what you have to do.

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System Requirements:

Recommended specifications:
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770
Operating system: Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows Vista 64 bit
Memory: 4 GB
Keyboard and mouse
Sound card (1.0-8-ch):
Sound card model: Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi HD
Sound card type: X-Fi HD
Sound card connection: USB
Computer speakers or headphones
Internet access: The game is not available for download on any other platforms.
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